Association of Polish Profesionalists in Switzerland

Marek Truskolaski
Joanna Demków-Bartlomé

After moving from London to Zürich in December 2013, Joanna Demkow-Bartlomé has made a decision to organize a group for Poles living and working in Switzerland interested in entrepreneurship.

A few months later, along with Marek Truskolaski, she has founded the Association of Polish Professionals in Switzerland and started planning quarterly business events in Switzerland.

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In 2016 the SPPS has become the Polish Professionals in Switzerland.

Obecny zarząd:
Wojtek Bachorski, Łukasz Syrnik, Dominik Skrobala

Current Management: Since September 2016, a group of Polish Professionals in Switzerland is a formal non-profit organization, managed by a board consisting of 3 persons.
The board consists of people from different backgrounds and industries. The Board coordinates PPS activities, organizes meetings and supports exchanges.

The members of the Management Board perform their duties honourably.