Event: Polish Professionals in Switzerland
June 14, 2018 | 6.30 – 22.30 PM
Viadukt Bogen D & E, Viaduktstrasse 93, 8005 Zurich

On June 14th in Zurich we had another event by Polish Professionals in Switzerland under theme “Modern Education – preparing Leaders to face challenges of Industry 4.0”.

Dr. Christian Abegglen, managing director of St Galler Business School, opened the Event with his presentation. Dr. Abegglen introduced Switzerland to participants, explaining its history and success story. He also explained the tradition of various key industries in Switzerland, their origins and evolution to today?s Swiss dominance and competitive advantage in many industries like precise industries (watches, high tech), financial services and pharma. Last part of Dr Abbegglens? presentation was dedicated to the education system in Switzerland, where Swiss top schools and universities, together with St Galler Business School, play a vital role to prepare educated leaders facing challenges of changing world economy and new industrial revolution.

Presentation PDF:
Iceberg Ahead or a Smooth Transition to New Horizons. A Swiss Perspective on Modern Education.

Dr. Piotr Sedlak from KSB (Krakowska Szkola Biznesu) at Cracow University of Economics in his presentation expanded the theme of Industrial revolution 4.0, its definition and gave clear examples of what it means to all of us. Dr. Sedlak presented a number of interesting statistic indicating the direction where the global economy is heading to. He gave us a thorough analysis of Polish education market and how Polish universities and academics support students to be prepared to the new challenges. Last but not least we gave an overview of KSB and University of Economics in Cracow, and the flagship International MBA Program that he supervises, a joint programme between Cracow University of Economics and St Galler Business School, running already the 12thEdition this year.

Presentation PDF:
Modern Education – Preparing Leaders to Face Challenges of Industry 4.0

Q&A session was quite active with many question and we thank our participants for this. Also very appreciated by the speakers. Not only had we had a chance for a dialogue with Dr. Abegglen and Dr. Sedlak, but two other prominent guest: Prof Piotr Bula, Dean of KSB and Professor at Faculty of International Management at Cracow University of Economics, and Amy Daly Gardner, Associate Dean of International Programs at Clark University, USA.

We thank Dr. Christian Abegglen and Dr. Piotr Sedlak for the interesting lectures. Prof. Piotr Bula and Amy Daly Gardner for the dialogue, as well as all participants for the successful evening.

After the lectures an apero and networking took place.

Conference language: English 
Networking language: English/Polish/German

Dr. Christian Abegglen
Managing Director, St. Galler Business School

Book recommendation:
Reinventing a company.  The St. Gallen concept practically implemented.
Youtube Link to the book

Dr. Piotr Sedlak
Academic Supervisor KSB, International MBA Programs, at Cracow University of Economics

Prof. UEK dr hab. Piotr Buła
Director KSB (Krakowska Szkoła Biznesu) at Cracow University of Economics

Amy Daly Gardner
Associate Dean of International Programs at Clark University, USA