Polish Entrepreneurship in Switzerland

Event: Polish Professionals in Switzerland
December 1, 2016 | 6:30 – 9:00 PM
WPHI Bern, Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Switzerland, Elfenstrasse 9, 3006 Bern

Languages: Polish and English

On the 1st of December 2016, a meeting of the Association of Polish Professionals in Switzerland took place in Bern, organized in cooperation with the Trade and Investment Promotion Section in Bern. The meeting was honoured by the presence of Mr. Jakub Kumoch, the Ambassador, who officially started the meeting, head of the Trade and Investment Promotion Department at the Polish Embassy in Bern, Dr. Zbigniew Kostecki, and representatives and staff of the Polish organization in Switzerland.

The theme of the event was “Polish Entrepreneurship in Switzerland”. During the official part of the meeting, Mr. Zbigniew Kostecki, who, as a host, welcomed all the guests and presented the profile and activities of the WPHiI crew. Then, Mr. Łukasz Syrnik presented the Association, discussed the main goals and plans for 2017, and presented the board of directors and encouraged the participants to visit the new website.

The official part of the meeting included 4 interesting presentations on setting up and running businesses in Switzerland. The first one, presented by Barbara Sosnowski, addressed issues related to career issues, counselling and mentoring. The speaker presented her company Sowe Business Coaching. Then, Joanna Demków-Bartlomé shared her experience in running KVALHO and talked about how to prepare for one?s own business and how important it is to work in networking and the precise definition of the market niche. Another speaker, Wojciech Bachorski, talked about his sports career, which is also his passion and about how it translated into establishing his own business Plan B Fitness. In the end, Mr. Robert Radkiewicz presented the first Polish “lifestyle” magazine in Switzerland 1MAGAZIN, aimed at promotion and presentation of Polish and Swiss companies and brands.

After the round-up of presentations, a networking section was launched, a great opportunity to deepen the knowledge on business issues, to gain new knowledge and to share experiences.

Due to the fact that previous events of this type have proved to be a great success, and the subject matter of the next ones is of great interest, the Association of Polish Professionals in Switzerland attracts more and more participants.

We would like to thank Mr. Zbigniew Kostecki and all the staff of the Trade and Investment Promotion Department in Bern for the hospitality and help in organizing the event, and all the participants of the meeting for the arrival.


Barbara Sosnowski
Sowe Business Coaching
Joanna Demków – Bartlomé
Wojtek Bachorski
Plan B Fitness
Robert Radkiewicz